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Dual Diagnosis

We offer individualized dual diagnosis treatment for people seeking comprehensive services that circumscribe re-occurring disorders and addiction. This program is a full spectrum dual diagnosis drug and alcohol treatment. Each program offered at our facility focuses on the addiction and the underlying psychological disorders that exacerbate the addiction. With each phase of treatment calculated to address both the general and specific needs of each client.

Finding your way out is never easy. We are here to help. For over 15 years, Our Treatment Programs have been rendering substance abuse and alcoholism treatment that will help you to eradicate the dependence on substances and make you a whole new life.

What are some pointers of Alcoholism or Drug Addiction?

The symptoms of addiction can take various forms, depending on what substance you are using. Nevertheless, there are landmarks that clearly indicate addiction, regardless of which substance the individual is using.

·        Finding an increased and regular urge to use the drug or drink

·        Craving for the same effect thus causing the need for more drug or alcohol 

·        Failing to meet life and work obligations

·        Engaging in behaviors that you typically wouldn’t, such as stealing, compulsive lying, or driving while under the influence

·        Spending an unscrupulous amount of time, money and energy just acquiring the drug or alcohol and use.

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