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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment
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 Funded by Substance Abuse Prevention & Control (SAPC) & GRANTS from:  California Community Foundation and The Center at Sierra Health Foundation.


Our Mission Statement

 To provide compassionate supportive and individualized care to members of our community who suffer from or have been affected by drug and alcohol use through whole person care modalities and evidence-based practice.

You Can Health Services works to protect, improve, and promote lifelong health of individuals within our community in a competent manner through the effective use of data, evidence-based prevention strategies, leadership, advocacy, and partnerships with local, private, and governments units

How We Achieve Our Mission

Our mission is geared towards substance abuse treatment services and counseling to individuals, families and communities that have addiction problems. This will be a continuum of care for recovery by using therapeutic procedure, assessing service needs, looking at treatment outcomes, maintaining confidentiality and providing appropriate referrals. This will lead in our effort to reduce alcoholism and drug abuse through education, treatment, and recovery services. Cognitive and experiential therapies provide us with a motivational and positive tool to talk through and analyze the underlying concerns of substance abuse. When the underlying concerns are brought to light, then the role of therapy is to develop effective coping strategies for dealing with patients’ substance use disorders (SUD). Effective drug treatment must involve not just personal therapies with a counselor, but also group and family aspects to build recovery support.


We pride ourselves in delivering effective alcohol and other drugs rehabilitation. Drug abuse and Alcoholism is a bad habit, easy to acquire but difficult and very painful. We combine clinical and holistic approaches to renew the mind, spirit, and body to restore relationships, careers, and shattered lives. This program prepares our clients for long-term sobriety, and this helps the program excel. Much encouragement and submission to guidance and structure is needed to become sober. According to statistics only 4% of alcoholics stay sober for the next year if they don’t seek help You Can Health Services' drug & alcohol treatment Program offers complete drug / alcohol rehabilitation with intervention and treatment to conquer drug seeking and alcoholism. Our staff offer daily individual attention to get to the heart of the problem, find a solution to a drug free life


Our Mission
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Multivational Counselling


Our expects help clients in their recovery process with motivational interviewing which is an amazing therapy. It is obvious that people can  change on their own, others require formal treatment and support over the long journey of recovery. Of which the family has a big role to play in other for the victim to succeed.


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  • Drug & Alcoholism education

  • What has drugs & drinking done to your life?

  • Are you overwhelmed, confused, out of control?

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"You can Health services  helped  open my eyes to the reality of a drug free life , they counseled me into forgiving myself and today i am a happy person again.

Maribel 36 years (Female)

"Thank you for your hospitatality during my session at your office i really felt at ease. Keep it up!"

Danielle Hudson

"Coming here has been of great help to me in my rehab program. It has made me to become a better person."

Kerry  57 years (male)

“ I must say your timely intevention saved my son's life. He was almost going over the rail if not for your counseling. Thanks again.”

Philip Cruz

“I am so grateful that today I can tell people I have a new life, i can tell people I no longer suffer from depression, anxiety and  low self esteem. Rose and Joseph told me God has a purpose for me."

Vera  (female)

“I felt things were going to change when I came to You Can, but I didn’t realize the magnitude of the changes that would occur within me. I went from being hopeless to having hope. My steps are lighter, my heart is gladder and that’s all thanks to the amazing staff at You Can Health services"

Meghan Charles

Success Stories


Our Address

600 West Manchester Avenue

Suite# 5 Los Angeles, CA 90044


Tel: (323) 750-9247

Fax: (323) 750-9248

Opening Hours

Mon, Thu, Fri   9AM – 8PM

Tue & Wed   9AM - 9 PM

Sat    9AM – 5PM


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